Ill (again!)

Can you believe it!? For the 100th time this year, I'm ill again.

I have been suffering from the worst stomach bug I've ever experienced in my life for the past 3 days. I actually lost half a stone between Sunday morning and Tuesday lunchtime, I've been so ill.

I was hoping to go back to work today, but that hasn't happened. I got up and had a shower this morning, but by the time that was done, I was absolutely exhausted. It probably has something to do with me not having eaten anything other than 4 slices of bread since Sunday. Plus, the thought of sitting at my desk for 10 hours, didn't really fill me with all that much enthusiasm, either.

I slept for most of this morning, and I've logged on this afternoon to do some bits, but other than that, my energy is in the minus regions.

I can't help thinking that it's got something to do with the hours I'm working, though. 50 hours a week can't be good for me, and I've seriously been more ill so far this year than I've been for a long, long time. Maybe my immune system just isn't what it was / should be?

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