Tough Evening...

I had my hair done last night - it looks awesome, but...

I found out that my hairdresser is pregnant.. It was really weird, cos when I went in I thought she looked really well, and wondered if she was preggers. I bit my tongue though and didn't say anything, and she told me later on in the evening.

She's been doing my hair for over 3 years now, and is aware of my PCOS situation, and she did say "I wasn't going to say anything, but I'm really excited. Sorry". I'm obviously really really pleased for her - she had an operation last year to remove part of her cervix due to cancer and was told that she had less than a 10% chance of getting pregnant again (she already has a 13yo and 8yo twin boys), but its still hard, as it is whenever anyone announces their happy news.

On top of that, my old manager's coming in to visit today, with her 6 week old twin baby girls and her 2 year old little boy. I think it's going to be a tough day!

On the plus side, I'm seeing my friend H this evening, and our old boss S, who is over from France for a couple of days and staying with me. AND I had a message on FaceSpace this morning from my college friend who moved back to Tobago in 2002. I saw him 3 years ago when he came back for a visit, and he's coming over this summer - I'm excited already!!


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