April Date Night

April Date Night was down to the hubs to organise (again! May's all mine, though!) and although it should've been a relatively cheap one, it actually turned out quite expensive.

April's Date Night was BOARD GAME NIGHT! We had dinner at home, before spending the evening playing board games.

All good, except we don't actually own any board games! They're the sort of thing that we keep saying we should get, but never actually get round to buying.

Clockwise from Top: The date night envelope; Mr B contemplating his next move; the games, ready to go:
POOH - it scored me 36 points!!! (double letter on the P, then a triple word score);
the board at the end of the first game. Excuse the swear word!! 

I thought the hubs would just buy the one, but actually he got three - Scrabble, Scattegories and Monopoly. 

We didn't actually play Monopoly, but I think it was on cheap so he went for it while it was there! We played two games of both Scrabble and Scattegories, though. 

We each won a game of Scrabble (183 v 160 to him and 256 v 227 to me), drew one Scattegories then I won one. 

I think Scattegories would be more fun with more people (and possibly some booze, too!) but overall we had a really good evening. 

Can't wait to open May's envelope now!! 


10 in 2013 - UPDATE!

So, one of the things I said I wanted to do as part of my 10 for 2013 list was:

9. Bake a cake I am 28 years old and I have never baked a cake without the help of my mum or a teacher. I will rectify that this year! 

At Easter, we had a charity Cake Competition at work and, despite never having baked a THING before, I decided to enter. 

I found this recipe that I thought I could follow without too much difficulty, and I (wrongly) assumed that I'd end up with some relatively cute easter bunny cupcakes to enter. 

THIS is what I actually ended up with

Not pretty, hey!? I went ahead and entered them, though. And got mocked for my "Easter Hamsters". 

The worst part about it was that it cost me over £15 for the embarrassment! 

I had to pay to enter the competition: £2.50. 
I had to buy all of the ingredients: £12.00 (ish) 
Then, because nobody else had bought any, I had to buy all of the cakes back: £5.00


Isn't it ironic...

I was on Facebook earlier and saw pictures and posts about an ex-colleagues wedding last weekend.

Someone had put something a about them being a "great advert for marriage".

I couldn't help but laugh - it took him more than 12 years to propose; he snogged one of our clients at an event just after the proposal and had spent over a year BEFORE the proposal boffing someone else at work!

Perfect advert my wotsit!


If only it were that easy...

I was talking to someone at work the other week whose daughter is getting married in August.

It's all going a bit quicker than he'd expected, considering she only got engaged on New Year's Eve - he'd assumed that his baby girl would wait until at least next year before getting married.

Turns out that that doesn't work with her plans though - she's 30 next year and wants to be, at the very least, pregnant by the time her big Three-Oh comes round.

I sort of hmmmed and ahhed noncommittally throughout the conversation but couldn't help shaking my head as I walked away.

I can't believe people are still so naive to think of fertility and getting pregnant in such straight forward terms.
While I hope that everything goes to plan for them, I find it really bizarre that people still think it'll be so easy.

I suppose that's the difference between a family that have never had any sort of fertility issue and one that has, though.


March Date Night


As part of our list of 10 things to do in 2013, Mr B and I decided that we'd have a monthly date night. We were worried that we'd get stuck in the rut of going to dinner every month, so spent some time thinking of date nights for the rest of the year - some uber cheap, some not so much - divvied them up and put them in envelopes. Then, we can open each envelope on the 1st of the month and remind ourselves of this month's date and plan it.

I decided to kill several birds with one stone and include one of my personal things to achieve this year (being more crafty!) into putting together the envelopes - some of which I made from scratch, others I just decorated up.

So, March's date night was cinema night. In the interest of keeping costs as low as possible when going to the cinema (when the heck did that get so frigging expensive!) we decided that we'd sneak our own popcorn in and eat at home. 

We couldn't resist a bit of Pick n' Mix, though! 
We actually went late afternoon on Good Friday (leaving it right to the last minute!) and saw Identity Thief. BRILLIANT! I was in stitches!

Now we're a few days into April and looking forward to this month's date night... We're all raring to go!!


Not Great News


I heard last week that I didn't get the job that I applied for.

I was / am disappointed, obviously, but the feedback that I got was all really positive.

He told me that I presented well, I was candid and honest but that unfortunately I didn't have the client-facing experience that they were looking for for this particular role.


There is a possibility that there could be a similar role coming up in the next few months, and he'll keep in touch and see where I'm at if and when that happens.

So, slight silver lining?

In the meantime, I need to keep looking and see if there's anything else out there with my name all over it!