Quick Catch Up

Sorry it's been such a long time since a post - I can't believe how quickly time has gone.

I thought I'd just do a quick round up of my 10 in 2013 and where I'm at with them, as it's the middle of the year!

1. Be Positive I'm not necessarily doing this consciously anymore, but I am definitely feeling more positive, which can only be a good thing!

2. Get my BMI Below 40 Yeah, so this one's not going to well. Let's gloss over that... 

3. Take More Photos I am totally nailing this one! 1,286 photos so far this year and 2,536 last year... I reckon I'm well on my way to taking more!! 

4. Swear less (particularly at work!) This one has worked out quite well - I set up a charity swear jar at my last job, which really helped to curb my potty mouth, and then the new job has helped, too. Trying to make a good impression, and all that! 

5. Make more of an effort with my appearance. Again, the new job has helped with this one. I'm trying to look more smart and professional at work (I'm not sure if I'm pulling it off or not!!), and I'm wearing dresses and accessorizing more. We have a dress down day on a Friday, so my aim is to wear dresses for 3 days, and trousers for one. I can also wear heels now, too, because of driving rather than running for the bus every day!

6. Be more crafty. As well as the first date things, I've made a wedding present for my friend's brother; I'm in the process of making a wedding countdown calendar for another friend's sister and I have plans to make a wedding present for later in the year, too (separate posts to come!) 

7. Drive more! Another one that's been nailed by the new job! 30 mins each way every day. BOOM! A driving machine! 

8. Cook new recipes / more regularly This one isn't happening quite as much as I'd like, although I am back into a habit of "batch cooking" on a Sunday to save time in the week. I did a new chilli recipe today, too, which tastes LUSH! 

9. Bake a cake Hmm... so we all how the Easter cupcakes ended up. I'm not keen to try again, but I think I have to... my friend is having a Bake Off for her wedding, and I've been told I HAVE to enter... Joy

10. Change job BOOM!!! Dunnit!! And loving it, too!!!!



So much to catch up on, but such little time to do it! I'm so busy at the moment, and I don't think it's going to change any time soon - I start my new job on Monday!

SO exciting!

I will be back, and I will update with everything.

So sorry.