I'm not really someone who watches a lot of tv.... Who am I kidding?! I watch far too much TV, but there's nothing that I'm totally addicted to - I'll quite happily watch any ol' crap. Except when it comes to One Tree Hill.
I don't know what it is about that series, but I'm totally addicted! It's weird... I have all six series on DVD and I've watched them all in the past 8 months?! Mr B brought me season 6 on Saturday, and already I'm half way through it. I literally lose HOURS sat in front of the box, adn it really frustrates me! Having said that, the sooner I finish it, the sooner I get my life back!

It's a bank holiday weekend this weekend, which means that we got an extra day off. Frustratingly, we didn't really use that to our advantage. We've just spent the weekend here at the house, doing bits and pieces. Although, we had a lovely BBQ with Mr B's brother and friend yesterday.

On the whole, the diet is going well. I've pretty much been able to keep to around the 1500 calorie mark, although may have gone over a bit yesterday with the burgers. I'd been hoping to get to the gym at least twice over the weekend, but yesterday we slept in for far too long, and only had a couple of hours to get everything sorted before people arrived for the BBQ, and this morning I really didn't feel well. I think I've got the start of a cold. I'm going to put my stuff in the boot of the car tomorrow, in case the need to pop in on the way home takes over me! I really need to get my ass in gear!



Friday Night is Date Night!

I realised this morning that, subconsciously, Mr B and I always spend Friday nights together, which is lush.
We don't necessarily do anything "special", but he ignores the PS3, and I ignore all things internet / crap TV for the evening and we spend it together. It might be that we end up watching a movie, or crap TV (that he likes!) but we do it together.
Sometimes, we even do it naked. ;-)
I'd never even thought of it as a date night, until today, but that's what it is. Isn't it weird that, without even trying, we've ended up with at least one evening a week that we spend together. We're awesome.


Another day...

... another challenge to find something to wear!

Yesterday I spent most of the day with my trousers undone, just so that I could sit at my desk comfortably. It's a nightmare at the moment, and seems to be getting worse, although I'm not eating any worse than I was before the holiday.

I braved the scales this morning, actually, and I've gained about 9lbs since just before the holiday. I'm so mad at myself.

Having said that, I've got really bad water retention and constipation (sorry if TMI!!!), so I think that's more than likely contributing to the bloating and discomfort. I hope. Surely I'm not putting weight on on a daily basis!? If I am, there'll be a problem with things to wear soon!

I'm totally exhausted this week, too. The travelling to and from the (exceptionally emotional) funeral hasn't helped with that. But it means I haven't been to the gym again since Sunday. Food has been... OK, though, predominantly because I pre-cooked a load of stuff at the weekend. The plan is to do the same again this weekend.
I'm going to do low calorie, low GI stuff, with the aim of keeping below 1500 calories a day, with at least some exercise every day. That's the AIM, anyway!

And work is continuing to be something that gets me down. I had a(nother) long catch up with my manager earlier in the week, and told him that I'd be leaving if things didn't change. He laughed it off - I really don't think he appreciates how serious I am about it. Chances are it'll be too late for it to make any difference by the time he does realise...


Why is it...

... that you have to have "sweets for the journey" when you're going a long way!? I don't think I've ever been on a journey that's lasted more than 2 hours, without sweets for on the way. Why are they necessary!? I don't sit at my desk eating sweets all day because I'm going to be there for more than two hours!! It's crazy!
Hang on - this might just be a me thing? Is this something I've picked up from my weird family? Please, let me know!

That was just one of the things I was thinking about on the 4 hour journey to my nanna's funeral yesterday. It was a long, tiring, and emotional day, but not all bad. My dad, brother and I spent a fair amount of time reminiscing about the many summers we'd spent at my nanna's house, and the funny things that had happened while we were there. We also found some letters that my brother and I had written to her - one from my brother saying he liked school made him cringe more than any of the others!

On the TTC front - I've been temping / charting for 4 days now. It seems to be going well, but I think yesterday's reading was a bit squiffy because of the heat in the hotel room we slept in. Having said that, I think I had a positive OPK yesterday (it's hard to tell - it was a feint line, and it said that a feint line was a negative result. I've never had a feint line as a negative before, though, so I don't really know what to make of it..). Anyway, if I was ovulating, that would explain the spike in my temperature. It's dropped again this morning, though, and I'll do another OPK later, and see what's going on.

It's all so confusing!

I'm also incredibly pissed off with myself and how I'm looking at the moment. I've put on so much weight, nothing's fitting properly, and it's doing my head in. Really need to get back on track with things. I've got really bad water retention at the moment though (and have since we got back from holiday, really) and I don't think that's helping, either. I need to get some tablets or something in an attempt to flush it out, because my little puffed up toes are doing my head in now!



Who stole this morning!?

I can't believe it's 1pm already.

I've been in the office since 7.15, and have achieved very little, thanks to the various meetings we have here on a Monday morning. Mondays never feel productive...

Anyway. I've just had my lunch (ham and light philly on pitta breads) and I'm settling down to the afternoon's work, which is sure to be rivetting (and involve MORE meetings!).

Ho Hum!


Stick a fork in me...

... I am DONE!
Mr B and I have had a pretty manic weekend. We went shopping yesterday for a couple of hours. I bought a thermometer for charting my temperature, ready for the TTC which is coming up - we've got to wait two more weeks for the malaria tablets to get out of our systems first, though!
I've had a mountain of ironing that I've had to get through, too, which has been a nightmare - I'm not a great fan of ironing (seriously, who is!?) but I've had about 6 hours of it since we got back from holiday. I am, now, up to date, though! Phew.
And, the most exciting thing that happened to me this weekend? I FINALLY went to the gym!! I was there for about an hour, so not a humongous work out, but it's better than I've done for the last 6 months! I also spent quite a lot of time cooking Low Gi dinners today, too, so we're all set for the next couple of weeks. Now, I just need to motivate myself to go to the gym again, and keep going! It's pretty difficult, though, esp. when we're out of the house for 12 hours a day. I reckon I need to go straight from work, before I get home... Watch this space for how I get on with that, though!
I had to work out what I was going to wear for Nanna's funeral today, too. That was harder than I thought... I've put so much weight on lately (and particularly while we were away) that nothing really fits me properly.
I managed to dig out a dress though, so panic over.
And I'm making a start on getting rid of the excess weight, too!


Back on Track

So, after a manic couple of days once we got back from our holiday, I'm back in the swing of things.
Work was a bit of a mission yesterday. I had a long catch up with my manager about what I want to do, and where I see my career here progressing. We'd had a pretty intense catch up just before I went away, where I issued a bit of a "things need to change or I'm leaving" ultimatum, so I think my honesty there helped out, too.
My Nanna's funeral is next Tuesday. It's going to be a bit of a mission to get there, but I need to go. I'm worried about my dad, because it hasn't hit him at all yet. She died on Sunday, and he still hasn't cried. I think it's going to get him like a train on Tuesday.
The weekend is when I get properly stuck back in on the diet and exercise regime. I'm going to the gym on Saturday (and Sunday, all being well!) and I was going through my GI cook books last night for recipes that I can cook at the weekend. I have decided that I'm going to go by measurements rather than weight, though. I'm going to start temping, too, but need to get the thermometer at the weekend.
OH! Nearly forgot! AF arrived last week while we were away. Bit of a shame, as it was our honeymoon, and y'know... that's not what you want to be dealing with on honeymoon, but it was EXACTLY 30 days after my last one, which is really positive.
The only way is up!


We're Back!

We had an absolutely amazing time. Two weeks of total bliss and relaxation.

But, I had a phone call from my dad earlier this afternoon telling me that my Nanna died on Sunday. It brought me back to earth with a bit of a bump, and the holiday already feels like a distant memory.


1 more sleep...

Or one more sleepless night. Either way, we go on holiday tomorrow.
2 weeks away from work
2 weeks away from normality
2 weeks away from all the "other stuff"
It's the 2 weeks off work that's exciting Mr B and I the most too...
When we're back:
The diet starts
The exercise starts
The TTC starts
Bring on the new start!