Stick a fork in me...

... I am DONE!
Mr B and I have had a pretty manic weekend. We went shopping yesterday for a couple of hours. I bought a thermometer for charting my temperature, ready for the TTC which is coming up - we've got to wait two more weeks for the malaria tablets to get out of our systems first, though!
I've had a mountain of ironing that I've had to get through, too, which has been a nightmare - I'm not a great fan of ironing (seriously, who is!?) but I've had about 6 hours of it since we got back from holiday. I am, now, up to date, though! Phew.
And, the most exciting thing that happened to me this weekend? I FINALLY went to the gym!! I was there for about an hour, so not a humongous work out, but it's better than I've done for the last 6 months! I also spent quite a lot of time cooking Low Gi dinners today, too, so we're all set for the next couple of weeks. Now, I just need to motivate myself to go to the gym again, and keep going! It's pretty difficult, though, esp. when we're out of the house for 12 hours a day. I reckon I need to go straight from work, before I get home... Watch this space for how I get on with that, though!
I had to work out what I was going to wear for Nanna's funeral today, too. That was harder than I thought... I've put so much weight on lately (and particularly while we were away) that nothing really fits me properly.
I managed to dig out a dress though, so panic over.
And I'm making a start on getting rid of the excess weight, too!

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