If only it were that easy...

I was talking to someone at work the other week whose daughter is getting married in August.

It's all going a bit quicker than he'd expected, considering she only got engaged on New Year's Eve - he'd assumed that his baby girl would wait until at least next year before getting married.

Turns out that that doesn't work with her plans though - she's 30 next year and wants to be, at the very least, pregnant by the time her big Three-Oh comes round.

I sort of hmmmed and ahhed noncommittally throughout the conversation but couldn't help shaking my head as I walked away.

I can't believe people are still so naive to think of fertility and getting pregnant in such straight forward terms.
While I hope that everything goes to plan for them, I find it really bizarre that people still think it'll be so easy.

I suppose that's the difference between a family that have never had any sort of fertility issue and one that has, though.

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