April Date Night

April Date Night was down to the hubs to organise (again! May's all mine, though!) and although it should've been a relatively cheap one, it actually turned out quite expensive.

April's Date Night was BOARD GAME NIGHT! We had dinner at home, before spending the evening playing board games.

All good, except we don't actually own any board games! They're the sort of thing that we keep saying we should get, but never actually get round to buying.

Clockwise from Top: The date night envelope; Mr B contemplating his next move; the games, ready to go:
POOH - it scored me 36 points!!! (double letter on the P, then a triple word score);
the board at the end of the first game. Excuse the swear word!! 

I thought the hubs would just buy the one, but actually he got three - Scrabble, Scattegories and Monopoly. 

We didn't actually play Monopoly, but I think it was on cheap so he went for it while it was there! We played two games of both Scrabble and Scattegories, though. 

We each won a game of Scrabble (183 v 160 to him and 256 v 227 to me), drew one Scattegories then I won one. 

I think Scattegories would be more fun with more people (and possibly some booze, too!) but overall we had a really good evening. 

Can't wait to open May's envelope now!! 

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