10 in 2013 - UPDATE!

So, one of the things I said I wanted to do as part of my 10 for 2013 list was:

9. Bake a cake I am 28 years old and I have never baked a cake without the help of my mum or a teacher. I will rectify that this year! 

At Easter, we had a charity Cake Competition at work and, despite never having baked a THING before, I decided to enter. 

I found this recipe that I thought I could follow without too much difficulty, and I (wrongly) assumed that I'd end up with some relatively cute easter bunny cupcakes to enter. 

THIS is what I actually ended up with

Not pretty, hey!? I went ahead and entered them, though. And got mocked for my "Easter Hamsters". 

The worst part about it was that it cost me over £15 for the embarrassment! 

I had to pay to enter the competition: £2.50. 
I had to buy all of the ingredients: £12.00 (ish) 
Then, because nobody else had bought any, I had to buy all of the cakes back: £5.00


  1. What a bunch of meanies for not buying any! They look really cute and I would've bought a couple if I was there. x x

    1. Thanks chick!
      They don't look much but they tasted ok!! It won't put me off trying to make another! x

  2. Well done for biting the bullet and baking in the first place! It does get addictive tho so just be warned lol