I've been out of the office for ONE DAY, and it's a nightmare...

My computer had been left on overnight, with my emails open. No doubt it was a well-meaning colleague who was checking my emails while I was off (although I had told her there was no need...), but it's still frustrating.

My post its have gone. Only a little thing, but, in fact, they're post its that I brought in. I know, it's not a biggy, but they're MINE and someone has seen fit to take them from my desk - nothing is sacred! Now I think about it, though, my pencil's gone, too...

The office is a mess. It was the first thing I noticed this morning, so would definitely be the first thing a visitor noticed. It's disgusting.

Why is it that I seem to work with a bunch of children, who aren't capable of tidying up after themselves!?

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