How frustrating!

I've been playing around over the last couple of days with the layout of my blog (mainly thanks to my Foxy friend, who has a new blog herself!) but I can't get it quite right...

The logo of the site where I got the background from is overlaying the title of my blog entry. It's a bit frustrating, cos I really like the spotty pink background... I'll keep trying - bear with me while I make some changes though - things might look a bit weird for a while!

Right, grub's up.

Laters Taters! x


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  2. I can still see the background for the old purple template in the centre of the page, but the polkadot background is showing on the left and right.

    Did you choose a "background" or a "template"?

    I just had a look at the site where you got the background from, it appears that they only have "backgrounds" now, and the link for the "templates" is gone :(

  3. I'm guessing I've got a background, because I've no clue what a template is..

    My biggest frustration was the TCBOTB logo that was covering the title of each post, but I moved the editor bit, and it's living in the top left hand corner now, which is ok by me!