TGI Friday!

I'm so glad it's Friday! Mr B and I have another busy weekend coming up - we're entertaining friends tomorrow evening, which I'm quite looking forward to. One of my friends bought me a Dinner Party Diary for my birthday, and I'm very much looking forward to using that. It allows you to write down who came over, why, what you ate for each course, what wine you drank, and any other pertinent points, so that when they come next time, you don't repeat the same menu. It will prove invaluable to me, as I seem to roll out the same easy (but delicious!) menu every time someone comes round, and I don't want people thinking I can only cook one meal...

The visit to the Docs went really well yesterday. She's dropped my antidepressants to 10mg every other day, which is great. I reckon I'll be off them by the time I go on honeymoon. Woohoo! She also didn't weigh me yesterday (total result, as I was dreading that!) because she said I looked like I'd lost weight and toned up, so there was no point in weighing me. I had mentioned that I'd weighed at home and hadn't seen much change, so I think I got away with that a bit!

I felt absolutely drained when I got home, and had to have a little snooze. I often find that I'm so tired, my energy just isn't enough to do anything, but a 20 minute / half an hour power nap really does give me a whole new lease of life! I think it's one of the perks of PCOS... Anyway, whilst I was laid in bed, I got to thinking about how very lucky I am to have Mr B. He's so supportive and loving, and puts up with me and all my crap.
I don't drive, so rely on him for the majority of my transportation (although I'm also v independent, so will do public transport where I can. But, he tends to take time out to take me places - like the doctors last night, where he waited for me for nearly an hour.).
He lets me snooze when I need to.
He understands if I want to have a good cry,for no particular reason.
He does the washing, and hoovers, because he knows I hate both those things.
He loves me, for who I am, despite all the bad bits.

I know it's what a marriage should be like, but sometimes it just hits me that I'm very lucky to have found it, and at a young age, too. Although we only got married 4 months ago, we've been together for 9 years this year, and I've been very happy for all of them.

I love you, Mr B.

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