This is it!

And that is no reference whatsoever to Wacko Jacko. (That's a whole different post, and my thoughts on him are probably not relevant, anyway!).

Today is the first full day of my 27th year, and I'm determined to start it on a high!

I had a big of a kick up the ass last night on the weight front, too, which was precisely what I needed! I love my wedding dress. It's the most expensive and important item of clothing that I own. If I could, I'd wear it all the time (I'd probably wear it to work at least once a week if I could, but it's a bit difficult to wee when I'm wearing it, and I'm not sure any of my colleagues would be prepared to help me out by holding it above my head while I pee'd!!). Anyway, Mr B thinks that I'm a bit silly to want to wear it all the time, and at Christnas, told me I couldn't wear it again until my birthday.

That was yesterday!

So, I got all excited and went to put it on ready to settle down on the sofa to watch Wall-E (which, as an aside, is a great film. If you haven't seen it, do. If you did - am I the only one that nearly cried?! At a KIDS FILM!!?!?). Anyway, I put the dress on and asked Mr B to zip me in. He couldn't. It wouldn't go. By a lot. There was about 3 inches of bare skin where the zip should've been done up.

I was devastated. Now, I'm not delusional, I didn't expect the dress to fit me forever. But we only got married FOUR MONTHS AGO! How can I have done that?! How have I managed to put on so much weight that my lovely, delicious dress doesn't fit any more!?

So, I had a little cry. Big, self indulgent sobs, to be precise. And then I shouted at myself. In my head, obviously.

I have two months until we go on our official honey moon, and that dress will fit me before I go. And then, 6 months after that, it will be too big. Just because I'm married, doesn't mean that the wedding dress couldn't and shouldn't be my aim.

I will do it! xx

On a different note, but still relating to my goals for this year, I thought of another:

6. Be more Crafty.
I love making things - cards, painted plant pots, sewing, painted glasses - I just don't do it. There always seems to be something else that needs doing. I also get a bit put off by the fact that I'm not really all that good. But I enjoy it, and I find it relaxing, so I'm going to start. I might even make my own Christmas cards and presents this year... I don't know. We'll see!

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