And, Relax!

Well, the weekend's almost over, and it's been another busy one.

I unexpectedly ended up going shopping yesterday morning, for an important meeting that I have on Tuesday. Ideally, I could do with a suit. It was a nightmare. Apparently, fat people don't need to look smart. The only place I could find a jacket was in Evans, but it was disgusting. It had absolutely no shape to it, and did me no favours. Plus, it just didn't feel comfortable.
So, after a bit of a strop, and a few tears, I ended up coming home. I raided my wardrobe a bit, and managed to find something that is smart, and I feel comfortable in, so that was good. Poor Mr B, though - I'm not good at shopping, especially when I'm shopping with a purpose and can't find something that I want!

We were entertaining a friend last night - I cooked a lasagne, and threw together a really nice salad with homemade dressing. The friend in question has recently divorced from her husband of 15 years, so althought it wasn't a hugely raucous evening, I think she enjoyed being out of the house, child free, and with some grown ups for the evening.

I was on a work event just before Christmas, and the hotel had used fresh fruit in champagne glasses with fizzy water as table centres. I decided to steal their idea, and threw some grapes in a glass with some lemonade and a candle. It worked really well, and was a bit of a talking point, too. I'll post some pics when I remember!

I spent today cooking some healthy meals for later in the week, too - jambalaya, paella, macaroni and chicken soup all bagged up and in the freezer. People will mock that I'm so organised, but it saves me having to cook when I get home from work and also saves me from eating unhealthily.

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  1. yes! this is the way - I find it so much easier to stick to the healthy stuff if it's all done in advance. Well done. Know what you mean about smart stuff...have you looked at the Simply Be catalogue? I got stuff from there ages ago when I started a new job and it's lasted really well. You can get it online, I think.