Happy Easter!

Well, I'm better... kinda! I stopped being ill on Wednesday, but Mr B then started on Wednesday evening. I had an absolute shocker of a day on Thursday, when one of the directors from work made me get a taxi to the office and back (£40 in total) because being at home was a "waste of time" for me. Although, when I got to work, we had no internet or servers, so I couldn't do anything. Totally ridiculous. I was v v annoyed!

Now, though, I'm dizzy again. Really dizzy, like I did the other week. I slept for 12 hours last night, and I feel like I could still sleep some more. I can only think that it's hormones, and maybe, just maybe, AF will come next week. Who knows.

Either way, our Easter Weekend isn't quite as we'd hoped. I am, however, going to beat the dizzyness, pretend it isn't happening, and get on with stuff. It won't beat me this time!!!

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