I finally had a good night's sleep last night. I fell asleep quickly, and slept the whole night through (with the bedside light still on, which is weird. Neither Mr B or I noticed that..!) and I woke up (almost) cheery this morning. Which is a miracle in itself because I am so NOT A MORNING PERSON!!!!

There is only one reason for my lovely night's sleep - my hubby.
I've been having a pretty crappy time at work just lately, and I'm really not enjoying it. There have been a few days in the past month where I've wanted to tell them exactly where to shove their job, pick up my bag and walk home (it's 13 miles, so that's saying something).
Anyway, last night I kinda blew up at Mr B - that's how it works, right? You have a bad day / week / month at work, and instead of taking it out on your colleagues or people that are making your life a misery, you take it out on your loved ones.

We ended up having a long chat about the situation and how it's affecting me, my moods, and ultimately, our relationship. Mr B told me that if it's that bad, I should give them my notice. Even though I don't have anything to go to. And we have a mortgage. And bills. And all the other things that come with the joys of being a grown up.

I don't really want to leave a job when I don't have anything else to go to, but given the choice between that (which would give me the ability to attend interviews / search for jobs) and having a bit of a mental meltdown, I don't think there's really any competition.

Mr B telling me that he'd help me and support my decision, whatever it may be, has given me the confidence to arrange a meeting with my boss (who's also the MD) and tell him exactly how I'm feeling. Shame I have to wait till he gets back from his holiday on Monday.

And knowing that, I slept really well.

Thank you Mr B!

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  1. Ahh.. what a wonderful husband! I hope things either relax at work or you are able to find a new job.