Today is a good day...

... so far!

I have 5 more sleeps until my holiday, and that's where my focus is at the moment.

I've emailed everyone at work, telling them who is doing what to cover my work load, and given them enough time to speak to me about anything that's not clear. I'm doing as much as I can to get my desk / diary / emails cleared of everything that I need to get done, and once I leave here on Friday, that's it, I won't be thinking about it again until I'm back in the office on the 19th. THAT thought gives me a lovely feeling in my tummy!

I chatted to my friend whose birthday it was on Saturday and explained why I wasn't there. My depression is something I've been keeping to myself, especially at work, but I know there would've been talk about the fact that I wasn't there (and not nice, concerned talk, either) and I wanted to put the record straight. I, obviously, ended up crying again, but I think she understood that I wasn't just flaking out on the whole evening, I genuinely was in no fit state to be partying!
She did ask whether I was seeing anyone, talking to anyone, and I said no... Sometimes I wonder if it would be worthwhile, but other times I think that the time would be better spent in the gym, and surely blogging's a bit like my own personal counsellor (only cheaper!)

I'm probably going to go back to the doctors after my holiday, because, in all honesty, whatever she prescribes now isn't going to make the difference for about 4 weeks anyway. And, I think the prescription I really need would be a new job. I'm not sure you can get those from the chemist, can you...??

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