One of the goals I made on my birthday was to spend more time with my family, particularly my dad.
With that in mind, I invited him and his wife to dinner today. They live just over an hour away, and while I appreciate it's a fair ol way to come, it's always us doing the journey. We've lived in our house for more than 4 years, and today will be there 3rd visit.

Anyways, I suggested that they got here for 12, and we'd eat at about 1. They said they'd be here some time between 7am and 12 noon. (they were being funny, apparently). So, this morning I got up at 9 (seriously, it's a Sunday. I don't usually surface before 1!!) and sent a message asking for a head's up about when they'd be here.

At 10.45 they replied to say they're hoping to be here at around 1.30! Are you kidding me!! Mr B was out of bed at 5am putting the meat in the slow cooker (and that, unfortunately, isn't a euphamism) so that it would be ready at one, THE TIME THAT I HAD SAID!

Suddenly, I'm remembering why I haven't spent more time with them in the past...!


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