Oh! The disappointment...

... when I used the Vac Packs last night. :(

It wasn't half as exciting as i'd hoped. I was bitterly disappointed, and I've been banned from touching them again until the weekend. (I may have got a bit p*ssed off with them. And stroppy).



I just think the bag looks like it's shrunk around the clothes... Whatever. I'll see what happens when I'm allowed to play with them again at the weekend.


I feel really down today. It's probably because it's nearly the end of the week and my exhaustion is about to peak, but I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and nearly cried. I'm wearing a dress (which in itself is pretty unusual, but summer's nearly here, so deal with it..) But I just look so fat. Who am I kidding? i don't just look it, I am fat. When I look at myself sideways on, I am so....deep. I seriously look like I'm 6 months pregnant (I'm not).

I know I've put a whole lot of weight on, but it seems to be all on my belly. It doesn't seem to have gone on anywhere else, which is weird, cos my arse normally balloons!

Add to that that I didn't have time / couldn't be bothered to put any make up on today (which is pretty normal ATM, TBH), and I look like a man.

I really need to sort things out. I think I'm going to "close the book" on my negativity, and come back from my holiday with a new, positive, can-do attitude.


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  1. Hugs* some days just suck, but make the next one better! Also sugars... just cut a little out of your diet if you dont already. It works wonders!