3 more sleeps!

I can't believe it's Thursday already! This week has flown by (luckily!) and I can't wait for 5.30 tomorrow to arrice so thatI can go home and not come back to the office until Weds 19th.

By boss finally got back from his holiday yesterday, so we've agreed that we'll catch up tomorrow morning (because there's only two people in the office today, so I won't have enough time!) at 9.30. He's not going to be in the office, so it will be over the phone, but it's better than nothing. And needs doing. I think once I've spoken to him, I will be able to truly relax on my holiday, and know that he'll be thinking about everything I've said, and, hopefully, have some suggestions / solutions in place for when I'm back. If he doesn't, then I'll need to make a decision about whether I stay or not. I need to put my health first.

That's number one on my list of things to sort out when I'm back from holiday...

The other things are:
* Get my ass in gear with my diet and fitness regime. I've been lame, and need to not be any more.
* Sort out about driving lessons. Working out work, will help me with that, though.
* Start charting / temping / OPKing / TTC. We've decided to postpone this (again!) until the Malaria tablets are totally out of my system, but I want to have a good plan of action in place before we actually start DTD.
* I read this article earlier in the week, and suggested to Mr B that we give it a go. What's the worst that could happen?!

This is, of course, all in addition to the goals I set myself in March.

I'm gonna be a busy little chick when I get back... But at least I'll have a tan. I hope...


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