4 Weeks to Go!!

I had a sudden realisation last night that our holiday / honeymoon is only 4 weeks away. I got so very excited!!

I read through one of the books we've bought about Kenya, and in the end, couldn't actually get to sleep! We plotted on a map where we're going, and we're covering a whole lotta ground!

We're starting off with one night in Nairobi then heading over 300km north to the Sambura Reserve for 2 nights. Then, we head 240km to Mount Kenya where we can watch animals at the watering hole at night - I think that's the one I'm looking forward to the most!
Then, Lake Nakuru - which has loadsa flamingoes, for one night, before spending 2 nights in the Masai Mara Mr B really wants to do a balloon flight, but I'm totally afraid of heights, and don't know whether I'd cope with it. That said, I don't know whether I'd regret not doing it while I had the opportunity. It's bloody expensive though!

Anyway, after that hectic first week, we're spending the second week here I CAN'T WAIT for the second week! I love that there'll be a maximum of 24 people there, and we'll all be grown ups. Don't get me wrong, children are everywhere, but I'd rather they weren't sharing my honeymoon with me!!!!


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