Soooo Excited!!

UK Airspace is open again!!! Woohoo!!! Chances are we'll be heading off on our jollys next week as planned after all!! Woohoo!! Thousands of people (including my boss) are still stranded all over the place, but because we have booked flights, we'll defo get our seats! Whoop! (Although I'm sympathetic to all of those people, this is my honeymoon we're talking about!)

I had a really lovely night with my friend last night - totally chewed her ear off - and all on the cheap, too! We went to a pub / restaurant, and they did free refills on soft drinks, so it cost us a grand total of £3.20 for two drinks (that we got refilled twice each) and another 80p for a bag of nuts. BARGAIN! And we were there for over 2 hours!

Mr B's friend is coming round for dinner tonight. It was all a bit last minute, but he wanted to see us before we go on holiday. It's weird - I never thought he liked me, but since the wedding, he's been totally different. I think it's because he was one of only 3 friends that were invited to the wedding, so he now realises that we both appreciate him and his friendship. Whatever.

I'm also really excited because I've ordered some Vac Packs for my clothes. They look TOTALLY AMAZING and will completely transform my wardrobe. If they work.I'm a little bit dubious, but can't wait to give them a try. I'm hoping that they'll arrive before the weekend so that I can pack stuff away at the same time as packing my bags. I'm not holding my breath that they'll be here by then, though.

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