We scrub up alright!!

Well, mum and I went for the makeover / photo shoot yesterday. It was a really lovely day, although long! We were there for nearly 5 hours, and 4 of that was sitting around waiting!! It was a little bit frustrating, as our appointment was at 11.30, and we'd thought we'd be done by 1pm. As it was, that wasn't the case - we were in the place until 2 without a break. I had to nip out and get a granola bar while we sat waiting around some more... by the time we got to have food it was 4pm! It was a nightmare!

BUT! The photos look amazing. They were ludicrously priced - but I managed to negotiate 8 photos for the price of 3!

Here's a couple for you to nosey at!


  1. Oh, WOW! You both look fantastic!

  2. you look brilliant! That must be a boost...