Sunday Sunday!

I can't believe another weekend is over and done with!?

We had a really relaxing weekend - yesterday we nipped into town to take some bits back, and then we got a Chinese take away and watched Seven Pounds (that's a weird film...). Today my friend H took me out for birthday Sunday lunch. So, from a food perspective, it's not been great, but from a relaxation / socialising weekend it's been great!

I was waiting for Mr B outside of a shop yesterday, though, and was people watching a bit... I was stood there, without a scrap of make up on, in an anorak, with my hair looking an absolute state, watching women with thick make up, high heels and looking super-glamorous walking past and I started feeling distinctly...dowdy. But, when I thought about it a bit more, I realised that I really can't be bothered - I'd much rather be out living my life, than making myself look good for it. I don't have the time (nor the inclination!) to spend time applying perfect make up, or styling my hair so it's "just so".

I make the effort when I need to (or when I can be bothered!) and that's what it's important to me.

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