Another week starts!

Monday always seems to come round too quickly, doesn't it!?

And, worse than that, I feel rubbish. I'm full of cold today - I was absolutely fine until about 4pm yesterday, when I started to feel like I might be starting to get a cold. And this morning I woke up full of it. Nasty. I've taken some tablets, but I'm also trying out some "natural" remedies, too.
My dad always swears by boiled lemonade, so I tried that last night. No joy, obviously, but I'll try again tonight. I've had a couple of mugs of honey and lemon today, and I'm going to get a piece of ginger tonight to try a recipe that I've found online.

I bloody hate being ill - I'm a bit of a man / moaner about it all, I'm afraid. I end up feeling all sorry for myself, and I'm not very nice to be around at all!

This week's going to be manic, too - the company I work for are exhibiting at Earls Court this week, and pretty much everyone is going to be out of the office for the next 3 days, which means I'm needed here to hold the fort. Brilliant - just what I need!

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