On the mend

I've got a voice! I'm not convinced it's MY voice, but it's more of a voice than I had yesterday! I still feel pretty rubbish, but that can't be helped. I went to bed at 8pm last night, and slept all the way through to this morning again. I think it'll be the same again tonight, too.

Mr B's loving it, cos it means he can watch what he wants, or play PS3, without worrying that I'm going to nag at him for not spending time with him.

Work's been manic today. (I'm such a hypocrite - I'm manic, yet blogging. Hey ho!). We're exhibiting at Confex this week, so it's skeleton staff in the office, and the phones have been pretty busy. I haven't done half of the stuff I wanted to get done this week, yet we're more than half way through the week!

I'm looking forward to the weekend, though. It's my birthday next Tuesday (eek!) so Mr B and I are going shopping on Saturday for my present, and then to dinner and the cinema as an early birthday treat. Then I'm going for Sunday lunch with my friend H which will be lovely, and I'm very much looking forward to it!

Anyway, need to do work.


P.S. I'm quite enjoying this blogging malarky. I know I'm not writing anything particularly thought provoking ot life changing, but I really think it makes a differecet to me which is the important thing, right?!? And I'm sure it's going to get more useful to have an outlet like this the tougher things get.

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  1. Hooray for the partly restored vocal chords! And who says you can't work and blog at the same time?