Well, I've been ill since last Wednesday. Really, really dizzy - it's been horrible. I've not been able to go to work. I've been to the doctors today, and had a whole load of tests done - blood sugars are fine, blood pressure is fine, heart is fine (I've had an ECG). The only other thoughts the doctor had was that's it's a virus, or I was pregnant.

I've done 3 tests since Wednesday, and it's not the latter. So it's a virus.

Today, when I got back from the doctors and did a test, I was really, really scared. I want a baby so very much, but I was still absolutely petrified. Mr B and I are going on a holiday (actually, our honeymoon) in May - and I wouldn't be able to go away if there was a baby in my belly. How selfish is that??

But, it was a negative result and, for the first time, I was relieved that it was a negative. I know there are plenty of negative results to come, that will break my heart, but this one was a relief.

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