I've got an appointment at the doctors tomorrow, and I'm dreading it. I weighed myself last night in preparation, and it appears that I've GAINED half a stone since I last saw her. Considering I'm supposed to be losing weight, that's not great.

Having said that, my main reason for losing weight was to encourage AF to arrive, and she did, so maybe I should focus on that? Who knows what she'll say though - I'm a bit scared!

I'm coming off my anti depressants at the moment, too, and I'm a bit worried that I shouldn't be. I've been really fed up this week, although mainly with work. I've had enough of people in the office turning up at 10am, hungover and doing hardly any work. Or being in the office and calling around Estate Agents to organise viewings for houses / flats. I'm working a 50 hour week at the moment, and I've been told that I can't have one day a week to work from home, yet other people are getting away with that. I want to stamp my feet like a small child and claim that "It's not fair".

On the plus side, I'm out for dinner tonight with an ex colleague, and I'm really looking forward to a nice meal, great chat and couple of glasses of vino (which won't help when I step on the scales tomorrow, I'm sure!!).

Anyway, I'm at risk of being a hypocrite re: my work-related rant, so should get on! ;)


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