Well, that just sucks!

After yesterday's awesome weigh in, I was really fired up for getting going on this week's diet, and excited to speak to my advisor for the first time this evening.

She was due to call me at 6.30. It's now just gone 9pm and I still haven't heard from her, which is pretty annoying. Last week she wouldn't speak to me as she hadn't received my payment, but she emailed on Thursday to say that she'd received it and would call me on Monday.

I've emailed her this evening and said that, as I haven't heard from her, I expect that the six weeks I've paid for will start next week (I'm not paying for a week when I don't get the support I'm paying for!!).

It's also been a bit of a bad day for sticking to the diet. It's a bank holiday weekend, which is great as it means 4 days off work, but isn't so great because of the decorating we're doing. That means, in turn, that I haven't really left the house for 4 days so I'm bored and restless. Which in turn, means I eat things I shouldn't.

It doesn't help that there's a whole load of chocolate and sweets around because of easter. If it wasn't there, I wouldn't want it, but because it is, I do. Here's hoping Mr B scoffs it all while I'm at work tomorrow!!

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