Quick catch up....

Well, after my "woe is me" post the other day, we had a work night out last night.

I wasn't really looking forward to it - what with thinking everyone hated me and all - but in fact had a really good night.

I spent time with people that I don't usually spend time with and that was nice, but also talked differently to people that I do usually spend time with, and it was a really nice evening!


I've not really kept up with my posts for the SITS photography challenge this week. I've taken some pictures, but haven't actually had time to upload them yet. I will try to catch up over the weekend, promise! 


Mr B and I have been totally rubbish at DTD this week. I'm a bit disappointed in us, to be honest, because we were doing really well (and enjoying it, too!), but this week it's gone off track. Maybe it's because I think I might've OV'd already, so don't see the point!?


I'm starting a new diet this weekend. It's a PCOS Metabolic Rate diet, and I'm really excited and motivated about it - I think because other PCOS sufferers have had HUGE success with it. If I stick to it, I'm sure I can achieve my 4 stone by 2012 target!

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