Mission Accepted!

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 So, I've set myself the target of losing 4 stone by 2012, and my mission started yesterday.

I'm doing a metabolic rate diet, which is completely different to anything I've ever done before, and I'm feeling really positive about it.

My understanding is that, after the first couple of weeks, the diet is specifically matched to you and your metabolic rate. I get 121 support from a consultant on the phone and via email. And I KNOW this diet works for women with PCOS as a number of the ladies on the Verity website have had great success with it.

The general rile with it is to eat pretty much all of the time. I have 6 small meals a day (instead of 3 big uns) and eat "nibbles" every 15 minutes. Basically, they're a thumb nail piece of pepper / celery / mange tout / carrot etc, that I eat every quarter of an hour. The theory there is that it takes 1 minute for the nibble to digest, but 13 minutes for you metabolism to switch off. So, for the 12 minutes in between, you're burning fat cells instead. So I'm literally sitting here now, losing weight. I can feel it melting away... (OK, so that's not strictly true, but it's a nice thought all the same!)

I'm really really focussed on this diet, and I'm determined to make it work. I WILL REACH MY TARGET!!

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