So, I think they hate me...

job fails - Buck Up Partner!I can't help feeling like I'm hated in the workplace...

I've been in my new job now for nine weeks, and just get the feeling that they fricking hate me.

A couple of weeks ago, my line manager and I had a one to one, and she told me that while there hadn't been any negative feedback about my work and she's impressed at how quickly I've picked everything up.
"But", she said, "I just don't think you're taking ownership of what you're doing. That's not to say you're not taking responsibility, because you are, but I just don't think you're owning it 1. I know you came from a support role before 2, and I just don't think you've stepped up to where we need you to be. I think you need to take more time to think about what you're doing 3".

It pissed me off for a whole host of reasons, but I decided that I'd just slow down the speed at which I was working and try to get on her good side. Even though she's a bitch.

The next day, she offered me a lift home, though, so I figured it was all cool.

There have been another couple of nit-picky things, too, that I thought were blown a little bit out of proportion (like me copying and pasting the same piece of information twice) that wouldn't have been mentioned had someone else done it.

My line manager's not in today, and the general atmosphere is much nicer. When I got back from lunch, there were 3 of us having a chat while we worked about... well, crap, really. Anyway, we're all talking and our acting supervisor turned to me and said "shh now, [the MD's] in that office". Erm, ok, but why are you bitching just at me, lady cakes!

I just don't get it - what have I done for them all to be bitching at me all the frigging time?!

1. How the fuck can I be taking responsibility, but not ownership for something?
2. Actually, that's where you're wrong. The recruitment agency changed my CV before they sent it to you so that you didn't think I was over qualified for the role. It obviously worked.
3. Maybe, just maybe, that's because I'm used to being busier, and needed to work fast to get everything done in the time I had to do it.
AND! Maybe it's because I just don't give a fuck about the work I'm doing!?

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