Catch up

Just a quick one today, and mainly photos, too.

I've struggled a bit, time wise, with the photography challenge but I have managed to catch up.

One of the challenges was about lines and repetition, and one of the others about protecting the photos that are on the blog. I'm still missing the colour and contrast aspect, but I'll get it, I promise!

Lines and repetition....

This is my radiator in the living room - it didn't quite come out as I'd hoped, but it'll do!

I was out last night with some friends and even though I was very drunk, I was still thinking about the challenge. And these lights really caught my eye. The camera on my  phone isn't great, so sorry for the poor quality.

And, because the diet and the mission to lost 4 stone by 2012, I baked cookies today! They're Nigella's Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are AMAZING, even if I say so myself!

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