The thing is...

I love taking photos. Always have.

My (borderline) obsession has got MUCH worse since I got a digital camera. Gone are the days where you could only take 24 photos, and they were going to cost you an arm and a leg to develop. Now, you can take as many as you like, download them to your computer, upload them to facebook and share them with the world.

I have hundreds thousands of photos on my computer. Some are awesome. Some are awful. Some make me laugh, while others make me smile. I love them.

The thing is...

I miss photographs. Actual, physical photos that you hold in your hand or put in an album. I have all good intentions of printing out my photos - I even have a folder called "to be printed" on my computer where I put all the best ones that I want to print ready to take to the printing place and get done.

The thing is...
I never get round to it. There are currently 400 photos in my "to be printed" folder. It's probably going to cost me about £20 to get them printed. (Can you believe it?! 400 photos for twenty quid. Bargain.) But am I ever going to spend the time putting them all in albums, or will they end up just sat in their packets waiting to be put away?

Should I trim them down some more and just print holiday pictures? Or should I just not print any?

The thing is... you just don't look at photos on the computer the way you would in an album, do you?

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