4 weeks late...

So, I was supposed to go and have a program done at the gym about 4 weeks ago.

I ended up not going - I got myself so worked up about it, I made myself ill, so cancelled it and put it off.


I went and did it last night.

I am so incredibly proud of myself.

I was there for about 45 minutes, and the lady that took me round was really good. I was really nervous that she'd take the mick, or make me feel crap about myself, but in fact she was totally the opposite.

When she asked me if I had any medical conditions, I said "no, I'm just fat!". She replied with. "Don't say that. You're not. And you're here, so it doesn't matter anyway. You could quite easily be at home not doing anything".

Oooo. Kkkk! Consider myself told!

There was one point where I actually, really thought I was going to die, so had to stop what I was doing, but I've made it my mission to master that piece of equipment before I go back in 4 weeks!

I'm aching a little bit today, but nothing that I can't handle!

I'm so chuffed with myself!!

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