Quick Update

Lots of thoughts and crap to catch up on from the weekend, but here's the general overview:

  • The work day on Friday was pretty pointless. We went sailing, watched some sport, ate and got drunk. Lovely, except for the massive pile of actual work I had to do in the office, and that it was pointless.
  • Mr B and I had a day out together yesterday. All was going well until I suddenly started crying when we stopped for lunch. No warning, nor reason. I sat there for 45 mins / an hour with tears streaming down my face. We left the pub we were in, and I was fine. Mr B just kinda sat there, not knowing what to say, eating his lunch. It takes more than a few tears to put him off his food...!
  • We've got a week off booked for the first week in September, and I've decided that I'm going to do my driving lessons then. I'm going to do 2 a day, for the 5 days that we're off, and hopefully, by then, will be ready for a test. I need to change my driving licence (it's still in my maiden name) and do my theory test first, but I'm really excited about it.
  • I weighed myself yesterday, and I gained a pound yesterday. WTF!? I've been really good, and didn't think I deserved that. BUT! I measured myself last night, and I've lost at least half an inch from everywhere except my left arm and left calf. (An inch and a half from my waist! Whoop!!)
  • I've got my gym appointment this evening... Bit nervous, bit excited, but I'm sure it'll be fine...


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