I'm actually doing it!!

So, I've been banging on for a while now about how I need to sort my diet out, and start exercising.

Well, this week has actually been a pretty major turning point.

I've stuck, as best I can with work events where I have no control over the food I have to eat, to the low GI diet, and I've done some form of exercise every single day. (One of those days it was work-related event exercise, but it still counts, surely!?)

I've even gone as far as to book myself an appointment with a guy at the gym to set up a personal programme to help me lose weight. I'm meeting Gareth, with his spiky hair and South African accent, on Monday at 7.30. I've been assured that he won't actually kill me, but I may wish he had by the time I get home...

So long as he shows me what I need to be doing to shift this weight, I don't care.

Please, someone remind me of that on Tuesday when I'm moaning about how hard I worked..!!!


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