Mix and Match?

I was talking to my mum at the weekend about the fact that, despite pretty much sticking to a low GI diet since getting back from holiday, I haven't managed to lose any weight. In fact, I've gained weight since getting back, which is really frusrating.

She suggested that I do a bit of mix and matching with the diet I'm following. I had some really good results when I was following the Slimming World red and green day plan, but then plateauted out. Then I initially had awesome results with low GI, but that seems to have stopped, too. Mum suggested that I do 2 weeks on each, almost giving my body a bit of a shock every fortnight, and seeing how I get on with that. I guess I've got nothing to lose...

I measured myself again last night. It's been a couple of weeks since I did it, and exercise hasn't been all that great, so I wasn't all that hopeful. BUT I'd actually stayed the same. I know it's not as good as losing, but it's better than going up, right?
I'm currently on CD41, which is incredibly frustrating. Signs are looking as though I'm ovulating at the moment though, so finger's crossed for some awesome baby dancing action later!! Whoop!

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  1. Good luck!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)