At Long Last


Fertility Friend has finally decided that I’ve ovulated. On Thursday. I thought it’d happened on Monday, but apparently not.
My temps are super high though, which is a good thing, too. I think the chances of me being up the duff this month are slim. To none. More likely none. But, who knows, stranger things have happened!!

I’ve also decided that I’m going to go back to Slimming World. I did it about 4 years ago, and I managed to lose 2 stone in 9 months. I ended up leaving because the group leader was rubbish – she had a bit of a rough time personally, and it really affected the way she was with the group. I carried on doing it on my own for a bit, but after 18 months stopped completely.

I’ve since tried to do low GI and Rosemary Conley, but I’ve had nothing like the success I had with SW. In fact, I’ve slowly but surely put the weight back on so now, almost 4 years after I started, I’m back at the weight I was when I last joined.

What a ridiculous waste of time.

And now I’m at the point where I don’t want to do anything and don’t want to leave the house. Mr B even said I was “a bit agoraphobic”. I did point out that I didn’t think that was strictly true – I’m more reclusive than anything else!!

If nothing else, I need to get back there and lose a bit of weight so that I can feel better about myself. Maybe then my cycles will get better.

I just want to lose a bit of weight, and then hopefully get fat with a baby in my belly!!


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