CD 46

So it's been 46 days since AF last visited. I'm definitely not pregnant, and I'm not even sure that I've ovulated. Although, in fact, I may have ovulated TWICE...WTF!!!! I really want SOMETHING to happen!!

I'm really lacking in motivation at the moment, too. I promised myself when I got back from holiday (nearly three months ago!!) that I would lose weight. I haven't managed it.

Then I promised myself that I'd go to the gym regularly and lose inches instead. I haven't managed it.

Then I said that I'd find a new job. I haven't managed it.

The REALLY frustrating thing is that I get myself really down about it, sit and cry and wail and make a fuss, but don't actually do anything to change the situation I'm in.

I'm so fucking pathetic.

But I'm also incredibly tired at the moment. I slept 12 hours last night, went out for a couple of hours this morning, and then needed a snooze. I slept for another two hours, cleaned the bathroom (for an hour!! I even used a toothbrush on the tile grout!) and needed another snooze. Ridiculous.

I think a big part of my problem is boredom, and I really need to get my bloody act together!!!


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  1. Join the club love! Exactly the same boat as you! I'm currently on CD 40 with no signs of AF arriving soon, I'm not pregnant (and 5 tests can't be wrong!) and I think don't know if I've even ovulated this month! Nightmare isn't it!

    As for the other stuff, ditto. Big, huge ditto! My list of 'stuff Nicki needs to do to sort her life out' grows about another inch every week and I kind of despair of it all now! Even thinking about it drives me loopy!

    Chin up though! Things always work out in the end!