A whole new level of wrong...

I went to the Rewind festival yesterday and it was AWESOME!!

My friend and I drank FAR too much (great start to my diet, eh!!) but we had a fab time!

But, there were a few things about the day that were just wrong...

  • Portaloos.
    When we were on safari, I peed in some pretty bizarre places, but I'm sure that none of them were as bad as the portaloos yesterday.
  • Other people's habits.
    Now, this links back to the portaloos, but who in their right mind thinks it's acceptable to leave a used sanitary towel open and on the floor of a toilet that about a million other people are going to use?!
  • Fancy dress.
    Some of the costumes were awesome - in fact one of the guys we were with was dressed a a Rubiks cube - but some of them were pretty weird. Including the dude with purple glitter, purple nipple tassles and purple fairy wings on.... Traumatised for life.

All in all, it was a wicked day, although today's hangover's not quite too awesome...!!!

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