After my trip down memory lane, I thought I'd share some pictures from back in the day!

This guy was my best friend at college. We were like two peas in a pod, and spent all our time together. His parents moved back to Tobago as we started college, and my mum sort of took him under her wing. I will admit that I fancied him a bit, but never acted on it. At the end of college, he moved back to Tobago, and on his last day, I told him that I fancied him. When he asked me why I'd never told him before I said "because my arse is too big, my boobs are too small, my hair's not long or blonde enough, and my face is all wrong, so what was the point!?". He looked at me and said "yeah, you're right!!"
These pictures are May / June 2002.

March 2001 - my 17th Birthday. I was forever changing my hair colour. I was pink, green, blue, purple, orange and pillar box red. I went super short, too - clippered all over. I had no fear!! But then I got a "real" job, and had to have sensible hair. Boo!!
So, there's a few pictures from way back when.

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