The chat with my old boss was brilliant! We were talking for almost two hours, and we've got lots of plans and ideas. We just need to make them happen, now....! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Press Releases... I've got it all to do!
We both said we're really excited to be working together again though, which is nice.

I also told him about how things are going down here at the moment, too. We've agreed that he'll take me on as an employee as soon as he's making money! Haha!

In other news...

It's weigh in tonight. Bit nervous, especially after the liquid diet I had over the weekend. Having said that, my trousers today feel a bit looser, so only the scales will tell, I spose!

CD24. Not sure what's going on with that. Nothing to suggest that I've ovulated, though. Mr B and I are doing the deed all the time, though, so finger's crossed we catch.

Work's still rubbish, but it look's like I might have an interview lined up for the next week or so. Super excited about that!

Anyway, nearly home time! Keep your finger's crossed for me for tonight!!

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