It hurts a bit...

My cousin got engaged recently. It was her party on Friday.

I've just seen some photos on Facebook, and ALL my family were there -my aunties, my grandparents, all of 'em (except my mum).

I got married in November. Not a single one of them made the effort to come to our wedding reception. Two of my aunties didn't even bother to RSVP.

I get that it was a little bit further away, but it wasn't the ends of the earth - just over an hour's drive.

I get that none of their children were invited, but it was my wedding, and I didn't want them there - I don't remember the last time I saw most of them.

And I get that it would've required some effort, but it was my wedding reception.

So, yeah, it hurts a little that they all made the effort for the engagement party. But fuck 'em. I've just crossed a whole load of people off my Christmas card list (and left a bitchy comment on Facebook!)

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