My week. It's been great. Not.

I was working at the weekend, and then sick Monday Tuesday (I think more exhaustion, than actual illness, TBH - I slept for almost 24 hours. Mental).

While I was off on Monday my MD called me with some news that he "wanted me to hear from him". That's never a good sign, is it!?

Anyway, it turns out that our offices are moving in December. But we're not going to know where they're going until November. Great.

Our offices are currently about half an hour from home (I don't drive, and Mr b drops me off on his way to work every day). I live the furthest north, and most other people live south London way. That suggests to me that the new office is going to be in that sort of direction, which, in turn, means I won't be moving with them.

Not necessarily a bad thing, because I'm unhappy here anyway, but I wanted to leave on my own terms, and preferably with something else to go to. So, I had a bit of a melt down on Monday / Tuesday, and was unsure whether we should continue TTC.
Mr B, bless him, wasn't sure what the answer was, so told me to ring my mum. She told me to stop being so bloody stupid, take some follic acid and get to bed. "For bonking, naomi, because you won't get pregnant just looking at him". Err...thanks mum!

She has quite rightly pointed out to me that if I get pregnant, there will be a way around the work situation. And I need to stop panicing. So, as I'm not one to disobey my mum, that's exactly what we've been up to for the past few days!!!

I also re-joined Slimming World on Wednesday. My weight is pretty much where it was when I first started my dieting back in January 2006, which obviously isn't great. I'm hoping that the group support will help me to finally shift some of the timber!

Tomorrow's going to be my first challenge, though - I'm off to REWIND. There's bound to be food and booze that I'm not supposed to have, but as long as it's just one day, I should be ok!

Laters Taters!

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