Monday, Monday!

I love bank holidays. Not only does it feel like I've been off work ages, I only have a 4 day week this week too.

PLUS! Mr B and I are off all of next week, so that makes it...


I was at home home this weekend (aka my mum's house!). It's the first time I've stayed there since Christmas, and the longest I've been away from Mr B since we've been married. I loved it!! haha!

Obviously I missed him, but I think it's fair to say we've both had a good weekend.

I caught up with some friends that I haven't seen in a while (in fact, the four of us haven't been in the same room for nearly 9 years, although we've all seen each other since. Just not all together. Crazy, huh?!)

I also went to the World Hovercraft Championships on Sunday, where one of my colleagues came second... He's the second fastest hovercrafter in the world - how mental is that!?

Not quite sure what's going on with le cycle this month. Think I'm on about CD30, with no sign of OV (still). Had a really nice chat with my mum about everything, though, and she's assured me that when it happens, I will be a fab mummy.

It's nice when your mum has faith in you, huh?


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