Memory Lane...

Now there's a scary place to go!!

I had a trip there last night, and really wish I hadn't!

Mr B and I are giving the house a good ol' clear out. We're being optimistic, and doing it "ready for when a baby comes". Never mind that there's no sign of me being anything like pregnant atm!!

Anyway! Under our bed we have a whole load of boxes full of stuff, which is mainly mine! One of the boxes (and my personal favourite, I have to say!) is photos and "memory box" stuff. Now photos, I can cope with. I can appreciate that I've aged, and got older, and I'm never going to be that fresh-faced young thing again (to be honest, I'm not sure I'd want to be, either!). But I also found some clothes.

The first concert I ever went to was Bon Jovi in 2000. I went with two of my friends. We were 16 and thought we were pretty cool. We all wore matching t-shirts that we'd customised, and jeans. I spent DAYS customising the jeans, too - I bleached them, and I sewed them. Hearts, flowers, song lyrics, you name it - it was stitched in to those jeans. We looked HOT ridiculous!!

Anyway, I found the outfit that I wore to that concert. Man I was skinny 10 years ago! The worst part about it, though, was that I thought I was fat. I was a size 16 which, if we're all honest, is no-where near what most people would deem "skinny", but to my size 24 ass, that seems tiny now. What upsets me most is that I didn't realise at the time how bloody lucky I was to have a bum so tiny! I couldn't believe it when I held up those jeans last night and saw how narrow they were!!

I can actually chronicle my weight gain through the pictures that I have from that time. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 16/17, which I know is pretty lucky, as a lot of people are a lot older when they're finally diagnosed. I had been on the pill because of heavy periods from when I was 12, and it was only when I came off the pill, due to migraines, at 16 that the doctors actually started paying attention to the problems I had. Within 18 months, I'd heffed on nearly 2 stone.

I went from being a relatively attractive size 16 at the beginning of college to a considerably overweight and unfit size 20 when I left. But, I was having a blast, making some great friends, and living the good life, so what did it matter? I had plenty of time to worry about my weight / fertility / PCOS / everything else. I was busy having fun for now!!

Shame it didn't quite work out like that, though...!!

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