This is why I'm not in sales...

ME: I've just told them they don't need three.
COLLEAGUE: I know they don't need three, but they should have three cos it's more money for us.

It makes my blood boil that people actually think like that!

I went and registered with a recruitment agency yesterday. It went really well, and I came away from it feeling really positive.

I felt less positive, however, about the AWFUL hair cut I had done just after. Two and a half hours, sat in the most uncomfortable chair I've ever sat in, and the hair cut was awful. So bad, in fact, that when I got home I hacked a whole load off with a pair of nail scissors!! I'm lucky cos my hair's short, and I've had quite a few positive comments about it today, so I must've done ok!!

AF's still here, but I think she's on her way out... PHEW!

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