Almost three weeks ago, Mr B and I went to Tiffany's to buy some charms for my bracelet.

We spent a fair amount of money - although definitely not their biggest spenders, for us, it was a lot of money.

They told me that it would take 2 weeks for the charms to be added, and then they'd call me to confirm that it was being posted, and that would take another 3-5 days.

I was expecting to have heard from them by now - at least a confirmation that it was on it's way back to me.

So, I called to chase them. It turns out the work isn't finished yet. It won't be finished until the 5th August. Which means by the time it's posted back to me, it's likely to be closer to 4 weeks before I get it back.

It's not the end of the world, but it is really frustrating. I guess I sort of expected better service from Tiffany. I was obviously wrong.

I was hoping to have the bracelet back before I go and see my folks at the weekend - I wanted to show my dad what I'd spent my Nanna's money on.

Now it'll have to wait. 

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