Love and Kisses

When we got married, Mr B bought me a Tiffany Charm Bracelet as a wedding present. The theory was that, every anniversary (and at other special occassions. Y'know, babies and that), he would buy me a new charm for the bracelet.

The idea was that only Mr B would buy me charms for the bracelet. It would be "our thing".

But, when my Nanna died she left me some money, and I wanted to buy something with some of the money to remember her by. The only thing I could think of was a charm for my bracelet. Because it's different - insomuch as it's from my Nanna, and not Mr B - it's rose gold, instead of silver which is what Mr B will buy.

So, on Friday (8 months after our first wedding anniversary!) Mr B and I went to Tiffany's and bought my anniversary charm, and a charm from my Nanna.

It's going to be three weeks until I get the bracelet back, but I can't wait!

From Mr B

From My Nanna

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